Wholesale Cannabis Distribution Company & Private Label Cannabis Cultivators

We make starting and operating your cannabis brand more simple.

Artisanal craft, exceptional service & technical savvy.

HybridLA was created to preserve cannabis culture in this new era of commercialization and consumerism. We’re a team of experienced growers, processors, and technologists who take the artisanal, “farm-to-table” methodologies of smallbatch producers and apply them to serve larger markets.

Private Label Cannabis Cultivation

As the cannabis industry evolves, it’s critical the essence of craftsmanship is retained. We’ve adopted a “farm-to-table” mentality involving only the finest genetics and organic ingredients.

Wholesale Cannabis Distribution

We’re not your average, off-the-shelf wholesaler. As such, we’re selective in who we partner with. We seek those with vision, passion, and devotion to the craft culture of cannabis.

Cannabis Digital Marketing

We stand at the intersection of cannabis and technology, which means we offer our partners unprecedented capabilities for growth in the communities that matter most to them.

For the Love of Cannabis.

For over a decade we’ve been integrated into cannabis culture & strongly believe retaining that traditional heritage is critical for the industry moving forward.

Startup Brands

As a brand incubator we provide both practical and logistical support for our partners. This includes distribution, packaging, and data-driven market analysis.

Established Brands

We can help you increase the current reach of your brand. This includes distribution, data-driven market analysis and cutting edge digital marketing.

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