Hybrid LA is Los Angeles Premier Cannabis Marketing Agency & Dispensary SEO Company

Cannabis brands – are you looking for an expert cannabis marketing agency and advertising company to help you with marketing to increase exposure, brand recognition, traffic and sales for your cannabis brand?

Whether you are a startup cannabis brand that needs consulting for your brand strategy and identity design, or an established recreational brand looking for cannabis advertising strategies to help you stand out in a crowded cannabis industry, further brand reach and increase sales – HybridLA can help.

We have over 10 years experience in the digital marketing space and utilize multi-channel and multi-touch advertising to promote your services and products directly to your target market via search engines, display advertising and social media. Marketing cannabis is a new and exciting channel we are excited to be a part of.

Whether you need with SEO, Paid Search, Facebook, Instagram, Email marketing or are looking for a fully comprehensive multi-channel cannabis marketing campaign for your cannabis business, our cannabis marketing team will help your brand gain the exposure you need with our expertly crafted, creative, marketing campaigns.

Cannabis Website Design

We can help you develop a beautiful and technically sound website for your cannabis business and make it easier for your target customer to find you online. Our effective approach includes easy to use, fast loading website full of content that your target audience is searching for, and building authority to unique posts that gives you the ability to out rank your competitors. Simply put – we create the tools and onsite information that helps your cannabis brand marketing beat your competitors in the search engines day in and day out.

Cannabis Advertising

Need some help with digital advertising and getting your cannabis brand and message in front of a laser targeted audience? HybridLA can help.

Whether you have a dispensary or an event and are looking to advertise in a defined local area, or your want to advertise in local media sources, or the hottest b2b cannabis industry publications online – we got you covered. We can help you amplify your message in a measured and predictable way, which allows you focus on your passion – delivering the best cannabis products and experiences in the industry.

Cannabis Social Media

It’s not just about your website. There are so many opportunities in search marketing and social media for your cannabis brand it’s incredible when you are able to harness the power and watch your brand grow. We work directly with you to identify industry related content your target audience wants to see, create that type of content at scale, then put it on a strategic schedule and measure it. Running a business has so many tasks – cannabis social media is something we can help you with to free up your time. One post by one post – we chip away and build your audience using memes, news, branding, email subscribe, getting users to follow you, forms and surveys – there are endless opportunities to build your brand with social media.

Dispensary SEO & Digital Marketing

The local dispensary cannabis industry is crowded. Now more than ever it’s so important to advertise your website online and be sure that your website can be found in search. Most websites we encounter are so badly optimized that they are almost impossible to find. We start with your content, work on your technical SEO and finally end with link building that ensures your SEO is working to bring you the majority share of search traffic in your local industry.

In addition to executing cannabis dispensary SEO for your brand, we also advertise your business via Local Directories, Billboard, mobile SMS marketing (text marketing) and Loyalty programs for existing customers, Digital Ads, Paid Media, Video, Newsletter list building and a handful of other methods to get your business to increase sales and visibility online. Our marketing efforts grow your dispensary brand over time, increase business, and industry awareness. A thoughtful multichannel marketing campaign can take you to the top of your local cannabis industry.

Cannabis Search Engine Optimization

When you want your product or brand to be found online it’s absolutely imperative your target market of people can find your products online. SEO is the modern marketing foundation every business needs to be built upon. We perform in-depth technical SEO audits, onsite content audits, link building audits and determine the best way to rank your website online above your competition. With our data driven analysis and expert technical execution our cannabis SEO service and marketing campaigns can help your brand become a leader in the cannabis industry, taking advantage of the digital landscape and amplifying your message directly to the public for unmatched success.

Take your marijuana brand to the highest level in the cannabis industry. Our expert marketing execution across multiple channels can help multiple your sales and outcomes. Contact one of our experts and start to work with HybridLA today.

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