Where We Come From

Hybrid LA was created out of a desire to preserve cannabis culture in this new era of commercialization and consumerism.

We’re a team of experienced growers, processors, and technologists who take the artisanal, “farm-to-table” methodologies of small-batch producers and apply them to serve larger markets. Our flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals are sourced from only the finest products and materials, and we pay close attention to the little details that are often overlooked or neglected by mass production.

When it comes to the business side of cannabis, we apply that same standard of craftsmanship. As a brand incubator we provide both practical and logistical support for our partners. This includes distribution, packaging, and data-driven market analysis.

Technology plays an important role in just about everything we do, whether we’re using it to increase efficiency or pinpoint precise markets. We stand at the intersection of cannabis and technology, which means we offer our partners unprecedented capabilities for growth in the communities that matter most to them.

In other words, we’re not your average, off-the-shelf wholesaler. As such, we’re selective in who we partner with. We seek those with vision, passion, and devotion to the craft and culture of cannabis.

This commitment to excellence comes from our respect for those tight-knit communities who stood together against unjust laws before decriminalization. We were part of that struggle and are dedicated to preserving its resilient legacy.

That’s why at Hybrid LA we don’t just provide the best private label products, we promote the culture of cannabis by honoring and giving back to those who have always supported us.

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